When Felithi Cosmetics was created, was a distributor of products for female beauty. In early 2004, became a manufacturer and market their brands through distributors nationwide.



The Felithi Cosmetics is on the market since 1999. Initially, the company was a distributor for a large cosmetics brand and, due to their large growth and prominence in the market in 2004 created its own brand. Since then the company has invested in research with international laboratories and formed a partnership with a large cosmetics factory, thus initiating the development of its lines. Its plant is located in two different locations: one in the industrial complex in the south of São Paulo and the other in Cotia, São Paulo municipality. In early 2004 the Felithi Cosmetics launched its first line, Kera Hair – who came to meet some shortcomings of professional products for the hair treatment. In September 2004, the Cosmetic Felithi developed another line, this forward- hair straightening, the Evenways. With the emergence of these products the company gained notoriety in the market, and each year, prepares new releases. Today, the company already has several lines: NATURAL ARGANOIL, S.O.S. PLATINUM, PLATINUM COLORS, AGE REVITALIZE, CONTROL LISS, EXCEPTIONNEL, XLISSES, XS CARTHAME, FULL BB CREAM, SHADES TINT, SEALING CRYSTAL, PLATINUM DIAMOND, IT’S THREE MINUTES, DRY CLASS, SHINE FLASH, MIX PROTEIN and reaches a better position in the professional market. The Felithi Cosmetics is always bringing new and investing for growth and market positioning Hair Professional.